Judgment of $1.5 Million in Accident Case

Michael R. Casper Secures Judgment of $1.5 Million

Judgment has recently been entered in the State Court of Stephens County, Georgia, for an injured Plaintiff represented by Gainesville, Georgia attorney Michael R. Casper, in the amount of 1.5 million dollars.

The Judgment was against a negligent driver of an automobile and the owner of the auto found to be negligent in allowing the driver to drive his auto. The driver was taking prescription medication which rendered her unsafe to drive, resulting in a serious accident with injuries.

Casper secured a separate Consent Judgment against the owner of the vehicle for transfer of 20 acres of the car owner’s property in Stephens County, Georgia to the Plaintiffs as additional recovery in the case.

In the negligent driver’s Superior Court criminal cases of DUI and Serious Injury by Vehicle, Casper was also able to secure restitution to his clients from the driver in the amount of $65,000.