amputation attorney

Amputation Attorney

Have You or a Loved One Suffered a Loss of Limb?

An amputation injury changes a life forever. It’s not just an injury that can be healed; it is a permanent change in a person’s lifestyle. Amputations, most of the time, are the result of some type of trauma or the result of an infection in which the body part can’t be saved. This type of trauma can be caused by accidents including auto accidents, and accidents at work.  

Coping With an Amputation Injury

The treatment of amputation injuries result in high medical bills from long-term care including wound care, physical therapy, and even prosthetic fittings. People with amputation injuries also suffer from lost wages from the inability to work while injured.

What To Do if You've Suffered an Amputation Injury

What are the first steps after the amputation accident or injury?

An amputation accident is traumatic but there are certain things that you can do afterwards that can make filing a claim easier down the road. Writing down the details and taking notes of what happened in the accident as well as keeping all evidence is of the upmost importance in a case like this. Find witnesses and save all documents related to the accident, such as medical records. The next step is to find a personal injury lawyer who is confident and experienced in cases such as this.

In what ways can I benefit from making a claim after suffering an amputation?

There are many reasons one should file a claim for an amputation injury. If there is a third party that is to blame for the accident that led to the amputation, you may be able to make a personal injury claim for compensation. This includes not only the amount for the pain and suffering you’ve endured, but also lost earnings, healthcare costs, and adaptations to lifestyle.

How do I start an Amputation Injury Compensation Claim?

The first and most important thing to do when looking to file a claim is to find the right legal representation. The right lawyer should be well versed in matters related to work and accidental injuries so that he or she can provide the upmost support. If you or someone you know has been a victim of an amputation injury, contact me today.  I am both experienced and knowledgeable in helping these victims that have suffered amputation injuries and am committed to obtain the reparations they deserve. 

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I am committed to working with you and your loved ones to receive compensation related to physician misdiagnosis, insurance denials or suits against negligent actions resulting in catastrophic injury.

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