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Boat Accident Injury Attorney

Have You Been Injured in a Boating Accident?

Each year in the United States the Coast Guard records well over 4,000 boating accidents, more than 500 deaths and over 2,500 injuries.  Most boating accidents are a result of operator error, distracted drivers, mechanic failures, improper lookout, excessive speed and the use of alcohol. The leading contributor to fatal boating accidents is the use of alcohol.

Although boating is a recreational activity it is important to know and adhere to the laws regarding this activity. If you have experienced a boating accident as a result of another person’s negligent behavior, contact my office for more information about your possibilities for compensation.

Common Injuries

Non-fatal boating accidents can produce a variety of different injures including minor scratches, bruises, lacerations, head trauma, chemical burns and other catastrophic injuries. Most boating accidents turn fatal due to passengers drowning when thrown from the vessel at the time of a collision.

Report a Boating Accident

Just as with an auto accident it is important to call 911 for medical attention and to have a police report of the accident documented. However, when you experience a boating accident with one of the following results, you are required by federal law to report the incident to the United States Coast Guard:

  • A person dies
  • A person disappears from the vessel
  • Injures occur that require medical attention
  • Vessel damages exceed $2,000
  • Vessel is totaled due to accident

  • With any accident it is also advisable that you document the incident with photos and first-hand accounts from any witnesses on the scene. This information will help you to gain compensation for damaged or lost property, injuries or even death.

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