Personal Injury Attorney in Habersham County

Downtown clarkesville in habersham county georgiaWith over 40 years’ experience as a personal injury lawyer, I know that after you or a loved one has been the victim of an accident, you are left with many questions. What do I do now? Do I need an attorney? The answer is yes. The legal process of filing paperwork, meeting deadlines and taking any other necessary legal steps can be confusing and overwhelming. I am here to help. I have represented accident victims in the Habersham County area, including Clarkesville and Cornelia, GA.

Physical and psychological damages must be taken into account after an accident. Issues such as loss of income, unforeseen medical costs, rehabilitation, mental health and pain and suffering all must be considered the impact of damages from an accident.

Let me help you get the compensation you need and deserve. I have represented many clients in all types of personal injury cases including:

Don’t settle for any less than you deserve. Contact me today for a free consultation to and to discuss your potential case. No matter how you were injured, Michael R. Casper can provide you with guidance and direction, as well as legal counsel for your case. Be sure to visit our FAQ section for questions you might still need answered.