brain injury attorney

Brain Injury Attorney

Have You or a Loved One Suffered a Brain Injury?

If you or a family member is a victim of a brain injury caused by an accident or the negligence of another party, you need to contact a lawyer that understands this complex injury. I can assist you in gaining compensation for lost wages, hospital and doctor bills, medication, therapy costs, and for your lost quality of life. I will make sure you understand your rights fully.

Recognizing Brain Injuries

Any significant blow to the head can injure the brain. That damage may be temporary, or it can be permanent, and significantly affect the quality of life. Many times the subtle effects of brain trauma are not recognized and in accident cases be overlooked by the inexperienced attorney.

I have experience in identifying the symptoms of brain injuries that can make a profound difference in your injury claim. I regularly enlist skilled medical and psychological experts who can identify this injury and which can be the foundation for the right level of treatment and compensation for this serious condition.

Post-Concussive or Post-Traumatic Syndrome

Often a blow to the head is misdiagnosed medically as a common concussion, with no long-term symptoms. But subtle brain damage can produce substantial and persistent defects in a victim's personality or ability to function normally. The post- concussive or post-traumatic syndrome can be identified by the right testing and I am able to help you identify this condition and the right compensation for this injury.

Get Legal Help

Contact me today for a free consultation. I am a member of the Brain Injury Association of Georgia. You can read some of our questions you may need answered for help selecting the best brain injury attorney.

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