Why Should I Be Your Attorney?

  • michael r casper-gainesville attorneyBecause of my experience handling accident cases, job injuries, and Social Security disability claims, I have developed an excellent reputation with doctors, judges, and opposition attorneys—they know I will fight for a just recovery for my clients.
  • I handle all my cases personally.  I do not refer you to an associate or paralegal.  You deal with me because that is why I practice law.  I want my clients to know that they have access to me—their attorney.  That is why my clients are often my biggest supporters and the majority of clients come to me on referral from former clients.
  • I often receive referrals from people who were connected to earlier cases that I have handled and who gained trust in me—police officers, treating doctors, witnesses, even several referrals from people on the other side of an earlier claim.  Check out the testimonials on the "What Do My Clients Say?" page.
  • I am connected to the resources necessary to move your case through the legal process, including accident reconstructionist experts, doctors, and other specialists—whatever it takes to maximize your claim and money recovery.
  • There is never a charge to come in and to talk to me.  Also when I represent you, my fee is paid only if I recover money for you.  You should not pay me—the irresponsible person who injured you should.


Your trusted personal injury advocate in Gainesville, Georgia

Contact Michael R. Casper, P.C. today to schedule an appointment.  You can sit down with me in my office so I can learn about your injuries and how I can help you.