swimming pool accident attorney

Swimming Pool Accident Attorney

Have you or a loved one been a victim of a swimming pool accident?

When an injury occurs at the swimming pool of a private residence, the homeowner can be found liable. Pool owners are required to comply with state safety regulations, including those specifically-designed to protect unattended children from entering the pool.

Premises Liability and Swimming Pool Accidents

There are several different scenarios that can result in a swimming pool accident. The first involves what the courts refer to as, “premises liability” or a slip-and-fall accident. To be considered a slip and fall accident by the Georgia courts, the injury must occur as a direct result of property hazards. Hazardous conditions, such as uneven sidewalks, can be extremely dangerous. When a homeowner fails to repair such conditions, they are deemed negligible.

If you suffered a swimming pool injury that resulted from a slip and fall accident, you must act quickly to preserve any evidence of hazardous conditions at the time of the incident. Contact my law office immediately for more information on premises liability and pool accidents.

Swimming Pools are an ‘Attractive Nuisance’

The courts recognize machinery, railroads and swimming pools as “attractive nuisances”, or potentially harmful structures that catch the attention of young children. Under this theory, the property owner is required to take every necessary precaution to protect children from such structures.

In the case of a swimming pool, homeowners are required to install a fence or barrier around the pool area. Failure to do so may result in a swimming pool accident, catastrophic industry or drowning incident. In such cases, the pool owner assumes all risk, and often times, all liability.

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