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Total and Partial Disability
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Have you suffered from a work-related injury that has hindered your ability to earn the wages you need? Michael R. Casper, Attorney at Law has decades of experience in personal injury workers' compensation and helping clients in Georgia earn the money they deserve.

Workers' compensation law is complicated and requires a professional attorney that you can trust to make the most of your case. Michael R. Casper will help you determine what level of disability you qualify for and will help you get compensation accordingly.

What classification of disability do you qualify for and what are your benefits?

Disability can be considered temporary or permanent, and it can be full or partial. Your cash benefit will depend on the classification of your injury. The handy table below lays out the classifications and their associated cash benefits. For more detail, read the explanations below the table.

AWW = Average Weekly Wage

  Temporary Total Disability Temporary Partial Disability Permanent Total Disability Permanent Partial Disability
Conditions If you cannot earn any wages
Injury is temporary
If you can only earn a portion of pre-injury wages
Injury is temporary
If you cannot earn any wages
Injury is permanent
If you can only earn a portion of pre-injury wages
Injury is permanent
Benefits 2/3 of AWW
No more than $500/week
No more than 400 weeks
2/3 of difference between pre-injury AWW and post-injury AWW
No more than $334/week
No more than 350 weeks.
2/3 of AWW
No limit to duration of weekly benefits
Amount and duration of benefits depends on severity of injury

Temporary Total Disability (TTD):

You may be considered totally disabled if you are unable to work/earn wages due to your work-related injury. TTD benefits are based on an injury that is expected to heal and allow you to return to work (temporary). Unless the injury is considered catastrophic, your TTD benefits will not last more than 400 weeks after the injury.

TTD Cash Benefits:

Your temporary total disability (TTD) benefits are normally two-thirds of your average weekly pay, not exceeding $500 per week.

Temporary Partial Disability (TPD):

You are eligible for temporary partial disability (TPD) benefits when your work-related injury impairs your ability to earn your full wage, but you are still able to earn a portion of your pre-injury wage. Considered temporary, this injury is also expected to heal and allow you to earn your maximum wage in the future. Benefits will not exceed 350 weeks.

TPD Cash Benefits:

TPD benefits typically grant two thirds of the difference between your wage before and after the accident, not exceeding $334 each week. So if you earned $500 per week prior to the injury, and $300 per week after the injury, you would be eligible for two thirds of $200, which is about $133.

Permanent Total Disability:

Permanent total disability (PTD) is usually the result of a catastrophic work-related injury. You are eligible for PTD benefits if you will be unable to return to work or earn any wages for the foreseeable future.

PTD Cash Benefits:

Under PTD, you are entitled to two thirds of your average weekly wage until you recover. If you've suffered from a catastrophic injury, you may be eligible for rehabilitation benefits.

Permanent Partial Disability:

Under permanent partial disability, you are still able to earn wages, but your injury has permanently lowered the amount of wages you can earn.

PPD Cash Benefits:

The cash benefits you receive for you PPD depends on the severity of your injury and the portion of your pre-injury wage that you are able to earn after the injury.

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