Work Injury Attorney

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Work Injury Attorney

Many people don't realize how vulnerable they are in the workplace until they are injured and their livelihood is taken away. I help victims of workplace accidents in the North Georgia area get the compensation needed to rebuild your life financially, physically, and emotionally.

Whether you suffered an injury at work, or the nature of your work leads to an occupational disease or a repetitive stress injury (RSI), I am experienced at handling these claims.

Workers' Compensation

My knowledge of personal on the job injuries is extensive and allows me to identify all sources of workers' compensation. With the appropriate amount of compensation, you will be given the ability to live and have a regular lifestyle again.

Construction Injuries

It's no secret that construction sites are full of occupational hazards. Work injuries in these high-risk environments are far too common and often, the legal process is far too complicated. Visit my Construction Injuries page to learn more about what to do if you've been involved in an accident while working at a construction site.

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I provide quality legal representation for my clients across North Georgia including Hall County, Gwinnett County, Lumpkin County, Habersham County, Jackson County, Banks County, Dawson County, White County, Barrow County and Forsyth County.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with an attorney who has experience handling cases involving workplace injuries and workers' compensation.